Statement on Alabama’s Proposed HB405 “Heartbeat Ban” Bill

“This proposed bill makes it quite obvious that the Alabama Legislature is once again trying to eradicate a woman’s constitutional right to obtain a safe, legal abortion. These attempts have nothing to do with women’s health and everything to do with interfering with women’s reproductive healthcare choices, as most women are not even aware they are pregnant before a heartbeat might be detected. This type of legislation has been overturned by the courts in North Dakota & Arkansas and will be challenged in Alabama if it passes. We would hope that the Legislature would work to solve our looming budget shortfall instead of passing unconstitutional legislation that will cost the state untold amounts of taxpayer money that it does not have to spare.”

-Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates

The text of the bill can be found here.

Statement regarding Alabama’s Proposed SB289 Bill

Below is our statement in regards to Alabama’s proposed SB289, which would repeal the 48 hour mandatory hospital stay for new mothers after birth and informing women of dense breast tissue on mammograms.

ARRA is in support of laws designed to improve healthcare for women, especially those that protect women through preventative measures. Though we do not represent ourselves as medical professionals, any attempt by the AL legislature that directly jeopardizes womens reproductive healthcare is a matter that needs to be swiftly addressed. We find it particularly troubling that Senator Stutts would like to repeal a law that was put in place specifically after one of his own patients tragically passed away.

Text of SB289 can be found here.  Check out the coverage of this bill at Left in Alabama and here & here.

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