Goodbye Madison Street!

That’s right, I said it. The only clinic in Huntsville is closing its doors this week. But don’t get too shaken up about it! We are off to bigger and better things.  However, there are some facts that are being twisted, at least by the antis…



Oh, my! How bold of us! CLEARLY we are trying to indoctrinate young minds into extremism…

But they forget that THEY are the reason we HAVE to move. The TRAP laws in Alabama require us to do certain things and meet certain requirements. The anti abortion movement intentionally made it impossible for many clinics to stay open without major changes. It is a clear attempt to shutter legitimate health care facilities and impede access to legal and professional medical care. They have not only shamed the patients and harassed the doctors, they have launched an all out legislative assault because they think that their belief system applies to everyone, and that it should be forced by law to restrict women from having any part in their own bodies when it comes to reproductive care.

But back to the clinic.

After doing everything they could and exhausting all resources the little clinic on Madison Street, one block from the emergency room at Huntsville Hospital, they  just couldn’t meet the stringent requirements of the TRAP laws, and had to look at other options all in the name of “safety for women.” And they found an awesome building on Sparkman Dr that could meet all of those requirements with minimal renovation and at a reasonable price. Sounds like a win-win right?

But there’s a school across the street! Ed White Middle School is smack dab on the other side of the road. What the other guys forget to say while stirring this little pot is that the school is slated to be closed in  August. Right after the summer school session there will be no more Ed White Middle. It will be combining with another school. But the usual suspects have already started their holy mission to save the babies and the young eyes of middle schoolers.  And when they hold up their signs with graphic images and threatening language that doesn’t count. See, that’s totally different. Holding up bloody staged pictures that are blown up to poster size in the name of Jesus is much less traumatizing that a sign that says “WOMENS CLINIC” any day. And the thing that they forget is that we didn’t want this move, they forced it on us, and now they want to complain about location. They have caught themselves in a pickle. Oops, sorry God, must have misheard that last message.

Giving every Alabama woman a voice for choice.