Make a donation in a politician’s name

Sam McLure is running for AG in Alabama. In order to gain votes, he’s posting pictures of OB/GYN’s on his page who also provide abortion services and asking people to defend her right to perform legal medical procedures.  He’s not the first or the last to do this kind of nasty campaign trick but now you can fight back in their name.

Right now, across the country, there are at least 46 anti-abortion bills that have been introduced or are pending.  We need your support now more than ever, the clock is being turned back 50 years. Women are being referred to as “hosts” by lawmakers and requiring the father’s permission before a woman can have an abortion. Does this concern you? How can you help?

Show the world that pro-choice activists don’t back down to bullies! And help Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates give money to folks who need more hope for freedom in Alabama. For your donation of $25, or more, receive a 16″x20″ signed, numbered, limited edition poster. Make a donation in your least favorite politician’s name and help a woman in need.

Don't Tread On Me
Don’t Tread On Me

When a national anti-abortion group tried to bully every clinic in the state of Alabama by mailing plastic handcuffs – along with a message to go out of business, or their staff and owners would end up in jail – Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates got motivated instead of intimidated.

Our co-director Pamela J. Willis is an artist who took those handcuffs and made art. Pamela auctioned her painting as a fundraiser for ARRA – Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates. Because so many of you asked for posters of Pamela’s “Don’t Tread On Me” painting, ARRA has them now for a donation of $25, or more.

All proceeds after printing and mailing go to the Linda D Foundation, which supports pro-choice reproductive health care in Alabama. The Linda D Foundation assists patients in the state with contraceptive costs, helps fund medical training for nursing students committed to the spectrum of reproductive medical health care and works directly with reproductive health clinics to offset costs of abortions for patients.

Giving every Alabama woman a voice for choice.